Sunday, March 31, 2013

Post op day 4. We move to the floor!

Greyson is full of it this afternoon. He was grumpy this morning for a little bit but has now decided to be a little goof. Im glad he is being so fun and silly today.

We are headed to the floor in a few hours!!!  It will be nice to step down a bit. We will be in the room we will be in before we go home.

He has his artery line out and his hand IV came out today so they didn't replace it.  His central line in his groin will come out tomorrow likely.  His chest tube drainage is the thing that decides when we leave. Dr Fiore says every kid drains for a week and his tubes would be in at least 7 days. This morning he is talking about taking them out 5 days.  They should be out by 6 days for sure. He will feel much more comfortable when he has those 3 tubes out. Its likely we will be here a day after the tubes come out. Once he gets to the floor and gets to moving around more his drainage could pick up.

Hopefully we dont have a night tonight like we did last night. I need my sleep and I'd appreciate him sleeping for a while too. Hopefully he's in a good mood tomorrow morning and stays that way all day. At least he should feel better after the tubes come out. We also have to convince him to take his meds by mouth so the NG tube can come out.

The first picture is while we were changing his dressing.  Thats what it looks like underneath. The other 2 are of him playing with lightening and mater that came in his easter basket from the hospital. I cannot say enough great things about cardinal glennons facility, doctors, and  nurses. I'll update again later.

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