Sunday, February 27, 2011

Going Home!!!

Greyson has had his EKG, Echo, Synagis shot, Chest X-ray's, groin line out, and Chest tube dressing changed today.  We are giving him tylenol for the ride home and we are gone!!!  Greyson is feeling very good, he has been smiling and kicking and talking today, back to his normal self.  This morning the nurse laid him on my bed to change his bedding with a pillow on each side of him.  She said he managed to get almost all the way over to his stomach, if the pillows hadn't been there he would have gotten all the way over.  I'm sure he will be rolling over in a week or so. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Update 2/26

Greyson has gotten his chest tubes out, and the IV out of his hand.  He still has the IV in his groin but that should come out tonight.  We are looking at going home tomorrow evening or Monday.  I am SO ready to go home.  I'm not sure how we did this for 2 weeks in the NICU.  I am glad that we had it done this week and we will be home relaxing on mommy's birthday.  Mommy is CRAVING the chicken from the Rome, I am so excited to go. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Baby, Happy Momma

Once we got down here to the TCU floor Greyson was hungry so I tried feeding him.  He hadn't eaten since 11 and this was around 2-3 pm.  He didn't act like he wanted it but I knew he would be hungry, so we tried between the boob (he at for about 2 min maybe), bottle (He didn't want it), and paci and nothing made it better.  We gave him a tylenol suppository and he pooped that right out.  He was still very upset and obviously not feeling well.  We gave him so Oxycodone and put him back in bed.  He rested for about 4 hours and when he woke up he was ready to eat.  He nursed about 7 min which is average for him.  The goal now is to get those drain tubes out, they are not putting out a lot of fluid so the talk is possibly tomorrow.  If he has his tubes out they said maybe that evening or the next day he could go home, so it is possible we could go home Sunday but hopefully by Tuesday.  On another happy note, he just smiled his BIG smiles at mommy.  I am SO happy to see that.  Tried to catch it on camera but apparently his unwillingness to have the cute smiles caught on camera was not something lost during surgery. 

Mommy gets to hold her baby boy

His incision

Look at those Sats 88!!!!

Smiling...well what he would let me get online

We are OUTTA HERE!!!

Greyson has his Pacing wires out, his arterial lines out, and off the oxygen. He has orders in to go to the floor so we are just waiting to find out if a bed is available. Once we get to the floor I will probably try feeding him. We are hoping to go home Sunday or Monday depending on his drain tubes.  Thank you all for checking up on him. 

3 days Post Op

Bandages off

Dr Fiore rounds

Dr Fiore did rounds this morning. Greyson gets his arterial line out this morning and later he will get his pacer wires and other groin IV out. He will have no cords in his diaper!!! He will only have two drain tubes, IV in his hand and the monitor wires!! His drain tubes aren't putting out much so it shouldn't be too much longer. Let's hope our room on the floor is a private room.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Update 2/24 AM

Greyson is doing EXCELLENT!!  He is working on getting off the last two drip medicine's that he is on.  He ate some Pedialyte from a bottle last night and can have my milk this morning.  The drainage from his chest tubes is much less than it was yesterday so those might be able to come out tomorrow along with his groin IV's.  He did get his cath out today so I am certain he is more comfortable there and he is on Oxycodone, tylenon, and motrin for pain.  He is breasthing room air as well so he might get the nasal cannula out today as well.  His saturations are in the low 80's which is SO nice to see.  Thank you all for checking up on him.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Greyson was extubated about 11:20 this morning.  He is doing great.  Here is his one day post op Picture:

Here he is after he got Extubated:

The morning after...

Greyson is still intubated but he is really moving. He is starting to wake up. He was making his crying face this morning and I got up and talked to him and that calmed him down. They are getting ready to do a chest X-ray and give him a bath...which he's gonna hate. Dr Fiore should be in in the next hour or so to check on him. The goal thus morning is to get him extubated. I'll be glad when that can happen and I know Greyson will be too.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Surgery done!!!

Greyson is out of surgery!!!  We just spoke to Dr. Fiore.  He said that they were able to do everything that they wanted to do.  He had no problems with coming off the Bypass machine and is having no heart arytthmias.  We will get to go see him in 20-30 min.

Surgery Update noon

Greyson has had his glenn surgery done and he is almost off bypass.  He did really well.  We should hear something again in about an hr.  He will probably be in recovery in about an hour and a half or so. 

Update 11 am

Greyson is open, on bypass and they are starting the Glenn right now.  Everything is going great.  Barb will update us again in an hour.  Everything is going well right now.

Update 9 am

Greyson is doing fine, he has his IV in and is intubated.  They were starting his incision and we should know more about 10:30.

Sent him in

We walked Greyson down to the surgery area. They were going to give him gas and then put his IV and intubation tube in. We will get a phone call about 9 to tell us how he is doing but will probably only be intubated and IV's. I will update after then.

Morning of surgery...

I woke Greyson up at 3:30 last night to feed him for the last time before surgery. It was nice to cuddle him since I won't be able to for a while. I want to now but I don't dare wake him since he can't eat and would probably be upset. They will probably take him back about 7:15 to start everything.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Surgery is on...

Greyson and mommy are at the hospital in our room.  He is having surgery in the morning at 7:30 am.  Barb will come out and update us about every hour and a half.  So you can expect an update about that often.  I am not so much worried about the surgery but more about the recovery.  I know that in no time this will be a thing of the past, it is just another thing that we have to get past.  I am going to try to get some sleep tonight, not likely, and we will update everyone tomorrow.  Pray for our little guy!

Everything on Greyson time

I took Greyson in for his saturation check this morning and he was staying in the 60's. He dropped to 54 once and spiked to 83 but came right back down. I talked to Dr. Rahimi and he wanted me to get his saturations checked again tomorrow but once he spoke with Dr. Fiore the surgeon they decided it would probably be best to go ahead and get his surgery done. Dr Fiore leaves town Saturday so they didn't want his levels to get any lower while he was out of town. He has been on antibiotics for 10 days for his cold and they have caused him to get a yeast infection. We have been treating that though and it is pretty much cleared up so they will check that this evening too. Will update later tonight once we know for sure if he is having tomorrow or not.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Surgery & sats

Greyson was reading 68-72 and dropped down into the 50's ( which is REALLY bad ). He weighed 12 lbs the past two weeks and this week 11 lbs 15 oz again not good. His pulse ox did finally come up to 74-77 which isn't great for him. We are gonna check it again Monday. Thursday we see the cardiologist and next Thursday after that is surgery. 

UPDATE: talked to dr rahimi and everything is ok with his saturations bc they came back up and didn't stay low. His lack of weight gain is sort of concerning but not enough to bump surgery up. We will see what his weight is on Thursday and recheck his saturation levels on Monday.

I'm feeling a little pity today. I wish my life wasn't like this, I wish I could just enjoy my boy and every different stage he goes through. Now I find myself looking forward to a surgery that I really dont want to have to have done on my little baby. It scares me and there is nothing I can do about it. This whole heart thing just SUCKS!!! Ok I think I'm done venting. Thanks for reading. ;)