Monday, April 9, 2012

Closer to 2 years old then 1 year old & Easter

So Greyson was officially 18 months old on the 7th.  Where did the time go.  I remember so many things from before he was born and after that it is hard to believe it has been so long ago that all those things happened.  Either way I am glad they are over and we can move on.  I have picture frames on the wall with the kids newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, 1 year, 18 month, and 2 year pictures in them.  Addison's is all full (and I need to get another frame to start the 3, 4, & 5 year pictures) but Greyson still has 2 empty spots in his.  I used to have pictures taken of the kids but now that we got this great camera I use all the time, we take our pictures our selves.

As I was trying to decide what Greyson should wear for Easter I came across an outfit Grams got him. Too stinkin' cute!

Addison wanted to wear a dress but we don't really have a use for frilly dresses so we don't buy them. She wore a comfy dress and took other clothes to change into to play later.

We had tons of fun dyeing eggs at home on Saturday night and then finding them the next morning along with all the fun stuff the Easter bunny brought them. I seriously think the flip flops were favorites.

Sunday after we did our Easter thing at home we headed up to Aunt Sharon's house for our usual Easter gathering. The Easter bunny leaves clues in eggs all around the farm for the kids to find and then their basket is waiting for them in the end. Addison really enjoyed it, although her blondness showed a little Ha!

I told Addison the Easter bunny pooped out plastic eggs all over the back yard and she could go gather them. So we went down to get the eggs and she kept saying "Why are we doing this?" I think she said it 3-4 times through the short process of gathering the 100+ eggs (along with her 3 other cousins.) After we showed her they had candy in them she understood a little better why we were doing it.

I will leave you with a few more of Greyson's 18 month pictures. I think the one at the top there will make the wall, though I did get a few more great pictures. 



Sunday, April 1, 2012

A relxing weekend and a catch up...

So we have had a fairly relaxing weekend.  Saturday we worked out butts off to get the outside work done and have some friends over for a fish fry.  We had fish, BARF, of course, fried biscuits, fried pickles, YUM, french fries, and MUSHROOMS!!!  We have spent years searching for mushrooms and never have the luck to find them.  So this year it has been VERY different.  Nate found 42 mushrooms just this evening only looking for about 15 minutes, so we will be having those for dinner tomorrow too.

Today we rested around the house for a while, watched racing, took early naps and then headed outside for the afternoon.  We had gotten some landscaping stones from my grandma and wanted to do some work to one of our flower beds that had been falling apart.  Nate worked his butt off today to make things look really good.  He had some help from the kids, all 5 ducklings, and goober. 

This cool dude was outside helping too.  

After some yard work we decided it was time for some Popsicles.  Addison loves eating bicycles outside, we don't eat them inside, the outside mess is bad enough.

Greyson LOVES Popsicles.  Even though he hasn't quiet figured out how to eat them properly.  He doesn't understand the hold onto to the stick part of things.  He likes giving the Cheese face and then laughing because his cheese face is so stinkin cute.

We also got some new additions...again.  Sadly Romeo killed Elliot, the other Turkey.  Addison was not very happy about it, but was happy when I told her we would get 2 new ducklings.  Then it took a week and a half for them to get ducklings in before we could finally go get them.  Once they finally got them in Addison was thrilled!  She was super excited to go pick out her two new ducklings.  So we introduce you to Pip & Squeak.

Our older ducks are really growing too.  They are now 4 weeks old and HUGE!  They have been outside for about a week and loving their new enclosure.  They recently got their kiddie pool and are having a great time swimming and playing.

While we were gardening today the kids were finding worms and feeding them to the ducks.  Apparently Capt. Jack wanted to get some more worms from Greyson and was nibbling on his ears, fingers, toes, anything.  Greyson was cracking up for a while until he got fed up and told Jack to GO!  His nibbles don't hurt he was chewing on my fingers and had some total infatuation with my toes as he would nibble on my toes while Crickett and Stinky were eating lettuce out of my hand.  

Next weekend is going to be Easter and I am super excited for the new stuff the Easter bunny is going to be bringing them.  Mainly the clothes they are getting.  These kiddo's have hardly no summer clothes.  I bought the summer clothes thinking they would be fine until at least after Easter but with all of the warm weather we have been having they really need it.  Clearly you can see that by the cut off shirt greyson is wearing.  It had a stain and was too cute to never be worn again so we are reusing it.  It is a great play shirt. 

I would love to say I will update more often but I think we all know that won't happen.  Likely I will be taking quiet a few pictures over the next weekend and will be able to do an Easter post in the next week or so.