Monday, September 12, 2011

Growing WAY TOO FAST!!!

So Mr. Greyson is growing super fast.  It seems like he is just doing things so fast here lately.  He will be 1 yr old in just 24 days!  Where has the time go, I won't go into detail on what he has been through in such a short 12 months as that is a whole other blog post to come closer to his first birthday.  So Greyson has found a huge vocabulary.  He says Mama, Dada, yeah, yum, hey, no-no, and tickle (yes tickle it was one of his first words).

He has mastered the crawling thing in little to no time, and cruises the furniture too.  His newest thing...Standing up all by himself!  He started doing it when I would stand him up but has quickly learned to crawl over to me when I am laying on the floor and stand up from there.  His physical therapist, Gerti, was out this past week and showed me how to help him get his feet under him when he is crawling to stand up.  As soon as she would get his feet under him he would stand right up.  I have a feeling crawling isn't going to be enough for him here pretty soon.  He is happy to be mobile but I still don't think he enjoys how fast Addison can get away from him.  His other favorite way to stand up is to crawl over to the ball pit and stand up outside it then flop in...hmmm I wonder who he saw do that? 

We are working on walking before his first birthday. I think he will be there 4 weeks ago he wasn't even crawling on hands and knees. I think with some work he will have it mastered in no time. Then I am in real trouble trying to chase down two walkers. So what does he NOT do well apparently he doesn't grow teeth. He still has NO teeth in his mouth. He is down to nursing only once a day in the morning we cut out the night time feedings and are working on cutting out the morning ones as well since he seems to do well with milk. I don't know if he doesn't like the strawberry milk or if it is cold, he didn't seem to like plain milk so I put strawberry in it since Addison loves strawberry milk so much.

So now that he can crawl and stand what else new did he learn to do?  That's right crawl up onto things.  Here he goes pulled up on it...

 One leg up...

Both legs up...

Standing up in the chair...

Sitting down pretty proud of himself!

So as you can see there have been lots of NEW things happening at our house.  Now that summer is pretty much over we are moving onto fall.  Which in our family means the beginning of all the holiday stuff, which is my FAVORITE, and birthday parties for our kids and their friends.  We are going to the heritage festivle in town next weekend, which is where I found one of the super cute winter hats Addison had and am hoping to find one again this year and maybe one for Greyson.  We plan to pick our pumpkins from the field this year instead of the bins at Wal-Mart and go pick apples too to make some yummy apple crisps. 

Halloween is the next holiday coming up, after Greyson's birthday (which is a holiday for us), and Greyson is going to be a Vampire which I think is pretty fitting since he may not have sucked other peoples blood but he has had other peoples blood, lol, and I am sort of at a loss for Addison.  Any idea's would be great, I don't really want the whole bought at the store costume, but I think that is what we will get, I want something a little original at least.  I guess I have a while to think it over.  


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Heart Walk

The first annual Congenital heart Walk was held in St. Louis this weekend.  Team Greyson raised $655 thanks to all of your donations.  We had a great time, even though me and mom are NOT in shape to walk 3.7 miles.  I am thinking I may try to do a Central MO congenital heart walk sometime next year. 

There were many fun things to do before the race started including face painting.

Addison got a unicorn painted.  It probably would have been a little better had she decided to sit still a little longer.  She is only 2 what can you expect though.  She was pretty proud of it and had to show it off to everyone once we got back home.  (by then she had touched it so much it was pretty much rubbed off)

Greyson didn't partake in the face painting as he was too busy enjoying the yummy Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  Guess he will be really excited when we go to Tulsa and get them fresh off the line.

In following her horse theme, she got a pink horse with a blue main and green reins.  She was pretty proud of this too and it surprisingly made it through the day intact.

Team Greyson (minus mom taking the picture)

The last half of our walk we got to talk to a woman who's daughter is one of Dr. Jardini's patients (he was the Dr. who did Greyson's cath and who took care of him most of his time in the NICU).  I can't recall what defects her daughter has but she did end up having a Classic Fontan when she was three.  It was neat to be able to talk to someone who has been down this road, and at the same facility Greyson goes to.  I am very thankful for everyone who donated to our walk.  Hopefully we will have a lot bigger team next year for the walk either here or in St. Louis.

We got a place for Greyson's birthday party so now we are in full planning mode.  I will work on getting evites out to everyone and an event on Facebook as well.  I am so excited for this party.  I was excited for Addison's party of course, but I am glad Greyson is still with us.  I wasn't sure on the day he was born if we would make it to this point with our little boy.  I am so thankful we were blessed to have Greyson in our lives and look forward to planning many more parties for him and Addison.

On another note, I changed my iphone plan to be able to use it as a modem for our computer so I now have internet access on the computer at home...or anywhere!  I am SUPER excited and I am guessing you can expect blog posts more often now.