Friday, June 24, 2011

Monday fun day...not so much.

So I have decided Monday's are not good days for Greyson. I don't think we will be having saturation checks on Monday's anymore, or holidays for that matter. First it was presidents day (a Monday) we had greyson's saturations checked and ended up in STL for an emergency Glenn the next day. Then the trouble this past Monday. I'm just not doing sats on Monday's.

This Monday I took Greyson to the pediatrician to check his sats bc the Monday before they were sort of low. Addison had a cold that Greyson was starting to get and daddy got a few days later so we thought he might have been a bit congested and that would cause his lower ( mid 70's) sats. This Monday he was no longer congested and we went to have them checked again. I changed him before we went in and apparently on the drive he pooped. Once we got checked in I took him to change him and, like he has been doing as of lately, he pooped all up his back. I had no change of clothes so I had to wipe it up as best as I could.

We were playing in the waiting room and I noticed his lips were sort of blue. I knew his sats weren't going to be good. We got back and she put the monitor on his toe and it starts reading anywhere from 68-71. :( I called Nate and then the cardiologist. I had to leave a message for Dr. Rahimi but Nate had to go to chesterfield to make some deliveries for work so we decided to ride along in case Dr. Rahimi wanted to see him. He had indicated the week before that if they were still low he would want to see him. I heard from them around 2:30 and sure enough they wanted to see him. We took him over and they hooked him up to their montior. What does it read? 80!!! That is still a little lower than we would like him to be but much better than 68-71. They did an echo and everything looks clear. No blockages anywhere. I guess he just wanted to visit with everyone up there. It had been a while since he saw them all. We discussed that if they were low again he would likely need to be put on Viagra to dilate his PA (of course they call it something else). If he had to go on that it would be at least an overnight stay to get the amounts right. Hopefully we don't have to do that. He also said he shouldn't need a cath until right before his fontan to check the pressures in his lungs and make sure he could handle the new circulation the fontan will deliver. I had wondered at what point he would be able to have the fontan (if he needed it sooner than 30-35 lbs) and he said they could do it at 25 lbs but he will likely do better at 30-35. At least I know now at what point the final repair is on the table instead of something to get by until then.

So our Monday was busy and scary even if it were for no reason. I think you can see why I don't want to do sats on Monday's anymore. So we didn't have a fun day Monday but we did get to visit with our STL family.

Friday, June 17, 2011

zoo trip 2011

So it has been a week since we went to the zoo and I am FINALLY putting the pictures up.  WARNING: Picture overload!

As soon as we got there Greyson had to get the map so he could tell us all where to go.

He was pretty happy to be sitting up watching everything going on around him in the wagon.

That's one happy baby.

I sure hope this doesn't mean he is going to like snakes, he sure won't fit in our family.  His mom, dad, and sister will be freaking out if he comes up carrying one of those.

Addison wasn't feeling great, but she was excited to tell everyone that the elephant was making nuggets.

Of course one of her favorites was the fish.  Later she asked me for her fishing pole.

This was right before the duck bit her finger.  She didn't think it was very funny.

Greyson liked watching the ducks...or maybe he was just happy that Aunt Sharon wanted to cart him around. 

I think she was starting to get hot and hungry but she did finally decide to look in the water at the sting rays.  She didn't want to touch one though.

Later she decided to stick her fingers close to the water.  I didn't realize how close one of the stingrays was.

This Chimp was busy playing with his poop, and apparently Addison was having none of it, she decided to just walk away.

Greyson didn't care if he played with his poop, he says you should see the stuff I make.  Huge messes I bet mommy feels like you do right now ;)

Like his hat?  He actually wore it for a while..until he realized it was on there.

She was watching the orangutang playing in a bucket, she thought it was pretty funny.  I think you can tell how she feels from this picture though.

We were getting close to the end of the day, and neither kid had a melt down.  I was pretty impressed with how well an 8 month old did, and how well Addison did considering she was NOT feeling well, but still insisted on going to see the animals.

She even took her turn at pulling brother.  What a big helper...until we got to the next animal and she just dropped the handle.

There was one monkey in this exhibit when we got there, he came over to look at Greyson, and then it was like he hollered to his buddies to come check him out.  Two more came out and were looking at him but acted like they were trying not too.  We had fun with the commentary on that one.

Addison thoguht she needed to pose with this snake for daddy and GJ to see.  I wss surprised she would sit this close to him but wouldn't stand on the wall by the hippo's.

Greyson had fun poseing with the crocidile in the background there.  He really was such a great little boy that day.

Addison thought this guy needed some help swimming so she is holding him up.

It was nice to go to STL for something other than a surgery, appointment, or hospital stay.  We are planning a trip back in September with daddy, I think both kids will have fun with that.

Health wise, Greyson does have the cold that Addison and daddy are now getting over and you can hear it in his lungs when he breathes, I am sure that is the reason for his low saturations.  We go back to Dr. Holly on Monday to have his sturations checked again, and see if they are closer to his normal range.  If they aren't I am going to request someone take a listen to him and make sure that his lungs sound clear before I get to worried about it.  If they don't then we will go back the week after when he is hopefully over the cold.  Dr. Rahimi suggested we might have to put him on a medicine to help dialte his Pulmonary Arteries if his sats stay low, and I believe it is a life long medicine.  There is another name for it that they use, but the one I remember, and everyone else will too, is...Viagra.  What you wanna put my baby on viagra?  AllI could picture was poor Greyson walking around...ughhum...innappropriately.  The nurse assured me that 99% of the time it doesn't have that effect on them.  

Monday, June 13, 2011

Saturation check

Today we took Greyson to the new tiger pediatrics office. It was awesome!!! He weighed in at 17 lbs 10 oz so he gained 8 oz in a month which isn't bad, although I really thought he was much bigger. His saturations however were, in true Greyson fashion, in the mid to low 70's!!! He should be and has been in the mid to low 80's and he should be pretty stable after his Glenn. I called cardiology and Dr. Rahimi is out until tomorrow but I spoke to a nurse who said it may be a fluke in the machine or how it was reading or his little cold. He hasn't been near as bad as sister but he does get mildly congested when be sleeps however he bad been awake hours before the check. She is going to talk to Dr. Rahimi tomorrow when he gets back and call and let me know but we will probably have his sats checked again next week to see if the cold is the culprit behind his low saturations. Hopefully they will be good then. He doesn't have any cyanotic spells and his cuticles stay pretty pink. I will admit I am a teeny tiny bit worried but I think I always will be a little worried with him. I am a worry wart when it comes to my kids.

Both Addison and Greyson LOVED the zoo and I will get pictures of that up soon. I am not loading all those pictures from my phone. Addison did have a lot of fun and Greyson loved the puffins and hippos a lot.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Look what I can do...

Look at what I can do now:

I can sit up all by myself!!!!

Playing with my turtle

Opps I fell down, but I am happy about it.

I LOVE this toy!!!

Greyson is doing awesome at sitting up by himself.  He will sit up for quiet some time without anyone around.  Today he was pushing up on his arms and I helped him get up on his knees too, he stayed up there for a few seconds. 

Upcoming news!!!

We are going to the zoo this friday, this is Greyson's first zoo trip even though he has been so close to it for 3 weeks for his short life ;)  Addison went last year and loved it, she is so excited to go this year.  She told me today her favorite animal is the yion!

I will put these pictures up soon.