Monday, June 21, 2010

Today we saw Dr. Grant.  He told us at our last appointment that the baby, who we have named Greyson, could have downs sydnrome.  We have been worried about this for a while, but Dr. Jones did the 12 week ultra sound and blood work and everything was fine then.  So Dr Grant got with their office and found out that Greyson's chances of having down syndrome is 1 in 37,000 which is pretty much saying that he does not have it.  This is a huge reliefe. We will be having weekly ultra sounds and non-stress tests (where they hook my stomach up to monitors and watch for contractions and the babies heart rate) starting at 28 weeks.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Today we saw Dr. Pederson.  She said that Greyson has Double outlet Right Ventricle.  I will attach a picture of what she drew for us.  It is sort of hard to understand without the picture.  There is one surgery that they can do to repair it, if the peice of the whole is long enough, or there is another repair that they would have to go back in every couple of years to replace the tubing.  We are hoping they can do the first repair bc it would require less surgeries.  It will be easier to do the surgery on a baby then it would be for us to convince a toddler or little kid to have surgery again every few years.  We will see as thing progress.

Normal Heart:

Greyson's Heart: