Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July!!!

We went to Aunt Sharon & Uncle Dj's for the 4th as we always do.  Addison was excited to ride horses, as she always is, and likes to ride up the hill and then she is pretty much done. This time she wanted to ride with daddy. 

Here is nick helping us get Addison off Magic 

Addison helped the Edgar clan decide where to shoot off fireworks

Uncle Doug and Aunt Sharon watching the day time fireworks.

Addison did some sparklers with daddy!

Swimming & Honoring a GREAT Man!!!

We recently got a pool for a super steal it's about a $300 pool and we got it for $50. Addison and Greyson both love it to peices.

Addi is getting ready to jump in.  She always wants to hold your hand when she jumps in. 

Greyson had his first taste of Shakespears pizza crust.  He LOVED it!

I straightened Addison's hair the other day.  She was playing in the yard while I watered and I wasn't sure who that little girl playing my yard was.  Ha!

Greyson helped mommy water too.

Have we shown off our ball pit yet?  The kiddo's love this.  We had to get another bag of balls to put in but they are having a blast playing in it.

We also want to honor a great man who passed away unexpectedly over the holiday weekend.  I have many great memories of Grandpa Sam that I will forever remember.  I am glad that my children got to meet him, even if they won't remember it, and that he got to meet my children and get a few pictures with him.  He will be greatly missed, and I know when I get to heaven there will be lots of partially finished projects.  :)