Thursday, March 15, 2012

Warm Weather means Sprinkler fun!

So it was nearly 85 degrees yesterday.  We have been outside everyday this week!  The kids are loving it.  They have been using the trampoline but always want mommy up to jump with them.  It is because of them we have the trampoline, it is also because of them I can't jump on it. 

Greyson also learned to slide down the slide.  He decided going down this way was easier though.

After all of the jumping on the trampoline and sliding we decided to get the sprinkler out.  This sprinkler was Cale's, who will be 17 in May, so it has seen better days and it has a crack in the bottom part.  The kids loved the crack since it shot water out the bottom and made a huge mud puddle.  I don't think daddy would have loved the mess it made of the yard but the kids enjoyed it.

Greyson running through the spray.

Playing in the sprinkler.  I think it's supposed to wiggle around but with the crack in the bottom they sprayed out the side...they loved it.

Mud Puddle!!! 

Addison and Greyson both loved splashing in the mud puddle.

Until Addison realized she was getting dirty.  Then she needed to go the sprinkler and wash off.

Greyson liked getting all wet.

Dirty little feet. 

We didn't even mess with getting swim suits on.  We just played in T-shirts and undies (swim diaper, pry should have put undies on him). 

The kids had a great time and want to go outside everyday.  I love getting outside with them and away from the TV.  Living out in the country we have lots of room to play and run around.  It is so much easier this year since Greyson is mobile and can walk along with us.  Last year it was just such a chore to get everyone ready and outside and somewhere for Greyson to play and not get all dirty.  We will be outside a lot more this year I am sure.  In a few months the new 20' pool will go up...yeah nearly twice the size we had last year.  Our house will either stay much cleaner since we won't be inside or it will be super messy from running in for a few minutes and right back out.  Either way we will be having fun so I don't care.  Having fun with the kids is more important then having a super clean house.  Plus all the outside play tires the kids out and they take nice long naps, giving me time to clean up and rest some myself.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

A nice spring day!

Today was AMAZING!  It was warm-ish and a tad windy but we were determined to get outside and the afternoon turned out pretty good.  This morning we had papa Gary & Grandma T over for Cinnamon Rolls, which were, as always, great.  Little did they know we had ulterior motives, we had them help us put the trampoline up that the kids got for Christmas.  

Someone was pretty excited and loved jumping.  

What's up Dawg?  Wanna jump with me? ;)

She is pretty good at jumping, guess it's all that practice at Aunt Sharon's house. 

Later we did LOTS of yard work.  We transplanted some of the Iris' that have been coming up and are overpopulating.  Addison was teaching Greyson how to water the flowers.  I am thinking by the time we get done planting in a few months the kids will probably be able to water for me while I sit back on the porch and monitor every thing...maybe that's wishful thinking.   

Daddy raked up all the leaves from under the porches and Addison was super excited to be able to play in them and throw them around.  She thought it was pretty fun when Daddy would rake them into a pile and she would stand in front of him and throw them in the air so they were in nothing resembling a pile anymore.  She did eventually help him pick them up and put them in the bucket.

We had gotten mommy's old tricycle out earlier in the day and when Greyson disappeared we saw him playing on the tricycle.  He thought he was a pretty big guy.  He is good at "driving" things.  He has ridden Addison's little power wheels 4-wheeler more than she has.  He is getting his own for Easter. I have a feeling we are going to have to charge it...ALOT.  

After we did all that yard work and found a few worms we decided to go fishing.  Addison was super excited about going fishing and once it was mentioned she continually asked if we were ready to go fishing yet.  When we did go fishing, Greyson decided to hang out in the back of the ranger and eat a worm lure (minus the hook) while Daddy and Addison were fishing.   The fish weren't biting too well and Greyson was starting to get a little cranky and tired so we went home.  

He must have gotten a second wind when we got home because Daddy, Addison, and Greyson all jumped on the trampoline for a while, and he was giggling and laughing the whole time.

We were so busy today it is hard to believe that it was only a Saturday.  As much as we could still use Sunday to work on more stuff I have to admit that I am glad it is going to be a rainy day tomorrow.  After today I am looking forward to a lazy rainy Sunday.  It will be a good day to let the ducks swim a little bit and watch movies.  Especially after the hour less of sleep we get tonight.  


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our New Additions...

So I have been wanting to get chicks for years and Nate has always told me NO!  Now that we have two kids we had discussed getting chicks again but decided that we didn't really need the eggs and they wouldn't be very good pets for the kids.  So what did we decide to get?

Baby ducks!!!  and Baby Turkeys!!!

Meet Captain Jack, Crickett, and Stinky (From left to right)

Stinky likes to sleep all stretched out, and apparently Captain Jack likes to sleep near the water ;)

They are now 3 days old and can try out swimming in short spurts so they don't get to cold.  Both Addison and Greyson were excited about this swimming idea.  Addison actually stripped down and was ready to climb in the tub with the ducks until we explained to her that they were pooping in the water.  

Crickett & Stinky taking their first swim.

Stinky posing in the tub.

Capt. Jack,Stinky, & Crickett (from bottom to top)

See the green rubber duck in there they were swimming with?  They were pecking at him.  It was pretty cute.

They really enjoyed their first swim.  We had the water deep enough that they could stand up towards the back of the tub and if they went down by the drain they could swim around.

Here is our first turkey baby, Goober.  I have a feeling he is going to look like a major goober when he is full grown. 

 We decided that Goober needed a buddy. He would sleep off by himself while the ducks slept all cuddled up together. So tonight we went and got Elliot (Smelliot, from Open Season). He spent the entire trip home chirping VERY loudly. Nate turned on the turkey call he has on his phone and he quieted right down. He was even chirping back to the turkey, it was really cute.  

Addison loved holding Goober and he LOVES being held also.  He is probable better then the ducks as far as being held.  He is quiet content just  sitting in your lap as to where the ducks want to waddle around and check things out.

Goober, Stinky, & Capt. Jack cuddling up in the 55 gal. aquarium that Nate brought down for them.

Our new Turkey baby Elliot.  Isn't he  cute little guy. 

Everyone seems to be getting along great.  They cuddle up together.  Goober & Elliot will both cuddle up with the ducks.  I can't wait to watch them grow up and get bigger...and bigger they sure will.  I think they will make a great pet for the kids and something different then a dog, since they already have Romeo. 

Oh what does Romeo think of the ducks & turkeys?  The ducks were out playing while he was inside and they were huddling around his feet.  Of course that may have been to get away from Greyson who thinks it is funny to crawl around and chase them.  It's only been 1 day so he will have to learn what he can and can't do with the birds. 

Everyone is doing great health wise.  Greyson is talking up a storm and we have been going outside a lot here lately with the warmer weather.  We are hoping to put the trampoline up this weekend since it is supposed to be in the 70s everyday next week. They are both going to love that and will hopefully stop jumping on my bed!