Monday, April 1, 2013

Big news op day 5.

So this afternoon they took Greysons drain tubes out!!!  Dr Fiore told us before the surgery that EVERY kid drains for 7 days. So at 4 days we were surprised by how little he was draining.
We, including Greyson, are so happy to have those out. It was a big event and extremely painful for him but only took about 15 mintues.  He ate a strawberry shake milk (aka milkshake) with sprinkles and almost a whole bag of goldfish crackers. He even sat up in bed and played for a while.  Later he wanted to walk around so we got dressed and stood up but walking wasn't quite on the table yet. We couldn't find a wagon to ride in and by the time our nurse (who he renamed Frank, yes she was a female) got back with it he was done. We were going to have his xray done but they weren't ready for him so we headed back to the room.  We got all settled and about 10 minutes later she came in and said xray was ready now.
Greyson was pretty lively today. He was trying to roll onto his stomach to get up but his chest muscles hurt too much right now. He's still learning that he needs help with that.

He thought he was pretty funny farting in his diaper today. By 4 days since a poop his farts were pretty nasty smelling, not that they arent usually. Apparently we all needed to share in his gas because he had grandma, sissy, and daddy come over so he could fan the top of his diaper open at them.  Gross kid. Day 4 of no poop is all we went. He woke up with nasty pants and should be feeling better now abominally. 

Our goal this afternoon was to get him taking his meds by mouth so that the NG tube could be removed. We are weaning the oxygen tonight and should be off it by morning. Hopefully those can both come off tomorrow along with his central line in his groin. He should be only.monitors by tomorrow evening as long as he keeps taking meds orally. I did tell him he would have to stay if he didn't take his meds and that I wasn't staying in the hospital. He decided he wanted to go home with us. I know kind of mean but hey it gets the job done and we arent taking an NG tube home with us.

Please forgive my posts. I haven't had a lot of time to get them done and im doing them on my damn phone that doesn't know what autocorrect is.

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