Monday, January 6, 2014

Update and Pictures

So Greyson has been at 100% since the heart cath to close his fenestration.  I made the mistake of telling him that it is okay for him to get winded and that he will recover now that his heart is fixed.  He now goes like crazy!  A month or so ago he was playing and breathing heavy.  I rubbed his head only to feel sweat!!!!  SWEAT!!!!  He has never played so hard he started sweating!  I literally cried!  The fact that he had that much energy to play that hard had me all teared up! 
We got a boat this summer and have done some tubing and fishing.  Greyson and Addison both are loving going tubing and are both super great at fishing.  We went camping for an entire week the beginning of October and had a blast.  It was so relaxing.  Addison learned to get the hooks out, put a hot dog on them and hand them to daddy.  She is quite the little fisher woman!

We went to the Mizzou homecoming parade again this year.  The kids thought it was great that they could slap hands with all the sorority and fraternity people as they walked by.  

Greyson got his post Fontan gift.  Yes he got a dirt bike!  He is SOOOOO happy.  He loves it and tells me all the time how he is faster than Villipoto!   He is excited to go to Supercross this year and meet Villipoto.  We are interested to see if he will actually talk to him or not.  He will either tell him how he is so much faster than Villipoto and could beat him in a race or just not talk at all.  Who knows?!

Of course he was Captain America for Halloween.  He was so excited and even got a Thor costume for Christmas.  So now he runs around the house yelling "HAMMER!"  It is really funny.

He has been doing lots of riding during October and November.  We have had some warm days and he doesn't hesitate to get out on his bike.

Addison and Greyson got a new baby niece and they are totally in LOVE.  She is adorable and they really love holding her...but we are all in agreement that we do not need any more babies.  We like being able to play with Rylie and then give her back when we are done lol. 

Greyson also got a puppy last August.  He decided to name him Charley...I do not know why I really thought he would name his puppy Bolt after his HUGE love for the bolt movie (remember we watched it nonstop during post Fontan recovery).  So we now have Charley Marley...and yes he lives up to the Marley part of his name! but Greyson loves him and he puts up with a lot from Greyson.

The kids were super excited to put up the Christmas tree and pose for some pictures underneath it.  Christmas was a blast for them.  We didn't go to all out but they always get enough stuff from grandparents that we don't feel the need to get too much.  They are pretty good at being excited about just a few things.  They did get scooters to ride when we go camping.  Judging from us and Grandma T and Papa Gary I think we will be camping a lot this summer.  I don't think the kids will complain to much about that.

We had a check up with Dr. Rahimi the week before Christmas.  Greyson is so big!  Dr. Rahimi asked if he could listen to his heart and Greyson just pulled his shirt right up.  It was too cute I had to snap a picture.  After I took it I realized that I have no pictures of Greyson and Dr. Rahimi.  He gets all of the credit after all.  If you ask Greyson who fixed his heart it is always Dr. Rahimi.  He says "I think Dr. Fiore fixed my heart, but he didn't" LOL.  When we went up to have his last heart cath Greyson asked for Beth (his girlfriend) first thing.  When Dr. Rahimi heard he was asking for Beth and not his doctor he came in and called him out on it.  Greyson is always very excited to see Dr. Rahimi and that makes for some very easy appointments.  I am so glad my little boy has handled this all so well.
This weekend we went to a benefit for another local family who has a daughter who is at Cardinal Glennon right now at the beginning of their heart journey.  Please keep Baby Harper and her family in your prayers.