Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas & Cardiology Check up

A few weeks ago Greyson went to see his Cardiologist.  He had an echo done, which he was less then excited about.  It's not like it hurts him in any way but he didn't like her having that wand on his chest and belly and wiggling in around in his face.  Everything looked great on the Echo and his sats were right where they should be.  We discussed his next surgery and the heart cath he will need before it can happen.  I also asked what would happen if they did the cath and the pressures weren't right.  They can't do the Fontan unless the pressures in the heart and lungs are right and I didn't know if those not being good would mean we scrap the whole heart and look for a new one.  Luckily that is not the case and there are meds they can give him to correct the pressures and still be able to do the Fontan.  He didn't think that would be an issue with Greyson as everything is always right where it needs to be excussing the time he needed surgery but we knew it was coming.  As far as when Greyson's next surgery might be we are looking at probably next summer, the summer of 2013.  He is right at 22 lbs now which is how big he needs to be for the surgery to be done but they prefer he is 30-35 lbs and that will probably be more likely around next year.  They want to do the surgery in the summer so there isn't a big a risk of him getting sick either before or after the surgery.  We are hoping to be able to go on a vacation somewhere the summer before his surgery since we have no way of knowing how long we will be in the hospital or what his recovery at home will be like after.  We go back to see cardiology in June but as long as things are the same as they are now and he doesn't sprout up in size I am sure it will be a good check up and see you again in 6 months.

Christmas has been great for our kiddo's.  I am not sure there was anything they didn't want that they didn't get, of course Greyson doesn't really tell us what he wants yet but Addison sure tells us what she wants, and sometimes what Greyson wants too ;)  Santa was very genorous and brought her everything she asked for on her two visits to see him, her letter she mailed him, and the phone call she had to make because she forgot to tell him she wanted the Cat in the Hat movie.  This year she really got the idea of Christmas being baby Jesus's birthday and said Happy Birthday to him many times.  She also got the idea of Santa, although not the fact that she needed to go to sleep so we could too.  When she got up in the morning she was excited to see the presents and their stockings filled.  Santa brought a Trampoline and put it in the shed for her so we can set it up in the spring.  He left her a message about it and the other things he brought, but all she got out of the note was that Dasher had hogged all of the cookies.  Funny how the things we think are little turn out to be a big deal to a little kid.  Both the kids got some AWESOME gifts from their grandparents and other family members, I think we have almost enough for an entire band in out house now...yes Greyson got his first drum set from Papa Gary.  At first I didn't really think he would get the concept of it and wouldn't play much.  Boy was I surprised!  He knew just how to hit the sticks on the drums and picked up how to do the big drum with his foot too.  He also got just about every John Deere toy they have put out this year I think, and he loves everyone of them.  Addison got an ipod touch from santa and thought it was daddy's phone when she opened it, ha!  She got a leap pad which she thought was pretty awesome, just her luck she somehow managed to get the hot toy of the year and it doesn't work right, luckily she wasn't too upset when I told her we had to take it back and get a new one but being the hot toy of the year they won't have them in until the beginning of the year.  I am sure she has enough other stuff if we keep it out of sight maybe she won't keep asking about it.  She sure did have fun with it when we did get it to come on and I know she is going to love it once we get her new one.  There are just too many neat things to list here that they got but I hope everyone knows how much we and the kids appreciate the toys and the ability to be together around the holidays.  Last year we made sure to go to everyone's christmas no matter how rushed we were because we wanted everyone to be able to see Greyson, we knew that he was going to need surgery soon and we knew there was a chance that he wouldn't make it out of that surgery.  Looking at him now, just one year later, with pink lips and full of energy you would never know what he has been through unless you saw his chest...which everyone did after he spilled cold coffee on himself on Christmas Eve, ha! 

Merry Christmas to everyone, it was so great to see everyone and be able to visit, although I always wish we weren't so rushed getting everywhere, it is still great to see everyone even if it isn't as long as we might like.  We are thankful that we got to show off our crazy little boy again this year with a much pinker skin tone ;)

I was going to add some pictures but of course my phone doesn't like to let it load pictures.  Since I have started doing medical transcription school online we will be getting better internet in the next few months.  Hopefully the fiber the local company is putting in will come to our house and should be done in the next few months and we can get that.  If not we will have to get some satillite internet which won't be as good but we will still have internet at home which will be so great.