Monday, January 17, 2011

Surgery date set...

Just heard from dr Fiore. We are going to do greyson's surgery march 2nd. Unless his saturations get in the low 70's I feel much better actually having a date. Dr Fiore spoke with dr holly's office and they are going to see him weekly to check his saturation levels.

No rush

Greyson weighed 11 lbs 2 oz today. In true Greyson fashion however he will not be having surgery in the next 2-3 weeks. Dr Fiore feels he is doing good enough that we can wait until he is 4 months but not more than 5 months. Dr Fiore will call me this evening to discuss everything and set a more specific date then. We are going to try to do it on a Thursday to allow everyone more time with him. I'm beginning to think maybe he is just perfect and doesn't really need! I'll let you know as soon as I know.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cardiology appointment Jan. 13th

We saw Dr. Rahimi Thursday and greyson's echo looked the same as before. He weighs 11 lbs so he is at weight for surgery. His saturations were in the mid to upper 60's but did get up to 71 a few times. I didn't really like this but dr rahimi said it might do that everyone in a while. This shouldn't be an issue after surgery. He increased his propranolol to .8cc's bc of his weight but he won't have to be on that after surgery as the pulmonary valve that the meds are helping won't be in use anymore. He will however probably have to be on Lasix, which is a diuretic, for a month or so. Dr. Rahimi will present Greyson's case Monday during the cardiology meeting and I should hear from Barb, Dr. Fiore's assistant, then to see which Monday we will take him up to meet with dr fiore and do all his pre-op stuff, chest x-ray, blood work and all that stuff. Then that week we will have surgery. I am hoping to be able to do surgery later in the week so that those who have jobs will be able to stay longer without taking time off work. I hope we will be able to get in the last week of January as his saturations kind of worry me since this is the second week they have done this. I know he has to have surgery, there is nothing I can do about that, so I just want to get it done and over with so we can move on with our lives and worry at least a little less. I also left a message for barb about direct donation of blood. Greyson is B+ and I am O- so Nate is possibly B+ and we might be able to at least donate enough to prime the bypass machine. We will prepare better for next surgery though so hopefully he won't have to have anyone else's blood. I will update again on Monday once we get our surgery date. Feel free to email or comment with questions. I asked a lot Thursday but you might have some I didntthink of and still want to know. Thanks for checking in on Greyson.