Saturday, September 1, 2012

Benefit, Magic House, and Heart Walk

So there has been talk since we found out about Greyson's heart defect about having a benefit to help pay for the expenses that come along with having a kid who apparently loves to see the doctor, lol.  We ended up having a benefit at Jake's Bar & Grill where we did a poker run, silent auction and 50/50 drawing.  We had an excellent turn out and all had a great time doing the ride.  We were so blessed and overwhelmed by how many people showed up for the benefit.  There were some great items donated.  We were floored when the 2nd place and worst hand winners of the poker run donated their money back and the winner of the 50/50 donated her money back.  The turn out for the poker run was amazing it was so neat to see so many people out riding for our son.  I was so glad we got to ride along with some friends in our first ever poker run.  Of course we didn't draw cards but it was a fun ride.  Thank you if you came out to the event, we really appreciate all that you have done.
Here is out little biker man.  He would have rode with daddy in a heart beat...although he might have had to fight his sister over it. ;)
The next weekend we headed to the Magic House in saint louis.  Addison, grandma, and I went there back when Greyson was a few days old and staying in the NICU.  It is a super neat place and I was so happy to be able to let Greyson experience all the amazing things they have there.  He loved playing the drums of course.

They have an area where you can learn about the legal and political systems.  There is a presidents desk and of course both kids had to get up there.  Greyson was apparently on an important call and his sister was bothering him for a picture, ugh!  It's tough being president at nearly 2 years old.

There is a bubble area, again something new from when we were there with Addison almost 2 years ago.  Daddy was able to put the kids inside a bubble, and they loved it!  They would make him bring the bubble up then they would pop it so he had to do it again.  They were having a blast until Greyson decided to rub bubble water in his eyes, lol.

We did play in the water area but I didn't have the camera out much.  Apparently Greyson thought it was similar to the spray park we went to this summer because he was sticking his finger in the super small fountain and spraying water all over the place.  You can't tell it in the picture but his shirt is still soaked even after daddy took it off and tried drying it with the hand dryer.
They have a little pond and fishing poles with magnets on the end that you catch little fishing lures on (without hooks of course).  Then you take your "fish" to the beginning of the creek and drop it in.  The floor has a glass covering the creek and you can watch your fish swim back to the pond.  It was one of Addison's most favorite things when we were there before and she was somewhat excited about it this time, although not as much as before.  Greyson looks excited in the picture but he didn't really care.  There were so many things for him to check out he had a hard time focusing on one thing.

We actually came to Saint Louis to do the 2nd annual Congenital Heart Walk.  We did the first one last year and had a great time so we were really excited to do it again this year.  It was considerably larger then it had been the year before.  Addison and Ashlyn got their faces painted which was something Addison had been looking forward to.  They were doing the Thriller dance here ;)

Team Greyson at the start of the walk.  I was so thankful for everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to come and spend a morning taking part in something so dear to our hearts.

The kids had to take a break and check out a crane in the water.  We walked all the way around Creve Coure Lake, which is nearly 4 miles I think.  Of course with 3 kid's we didn't get in any hurry to get it done.  We had a great time doing the walk and are so thankful for the people who were generous enough to donate their money for research and awareness of a cause so dear to our hearts.

The man of the hour even walked some, although he was still not able to walk very far without running out of energy.

Thanks for checking in on us.  Hopefully I can get some more blog updates in soon and try and keep it updated.  Regardless when it comes closer to surgery time and when we have surgery I will keep the blog updated through out the day.