Saturday, April 23, 2011

Greyson 6 Month pictures

Greyson's 6 Month pictures:

He was not very happy and obviously got tired during the shoot so he napped and we took pictures.  He doesn't have near as many clothing changes as Addison did but we got some GREAT pictures!

Friday, April 8, 2011

The day of doctors...

So our first appointment was at 11 am for Addison to see the urologist. Apparently Boone didn't send the results up from her test in December so they were waiting on a report from them  I  didn't know that so it ended up I explained the test results before Boone got a report faxed up. Everything should heal itself and she will stay on antibiotics daily and retest in November or December, which is gonna be a pain now that she is potty trained. She won't pee in anything other than a potty. So they are really gonna have to fill her bladder to get her to go on the table. I fear she will be embarrassed if she potties on the table. 

On to Mr. Greyson. His nursery follow up went well. He is where he should be developmentally. He is SO close to rolling and they showed me how to help him work on that. He is also REALLY strong in his legs but needs to work more on his arm strength so that will be our goal over the next few days. He got a new toy that should help him work on pushing up with his arms. news there. He is doing great. Sats were in the mid 70's which is alright. Dr. Rahimi would rather see them 80-85 but 70's are ok too. He has good flow through his Glenn. I could see it in his echo which was pretty neat. Addison and daddy fell asleep waiting for the echo and so did Greyson which was helpful for his echo. He slept through most of the echo but woke up when dr rahimi came in to mess with him. He was awake from about 10:15 this morning until about 3:30 when he got his echo cat nap. He was in an excellent mood though and it was nice to see him so awake since that's not something you would see before surgery. 

We were able to make our donation of leg warmers and hats to help make other kiddo's hospital stay more comfortable. Once Greyson outgrows his plastic cleanable toys we will donate some of them to the hospital as well. It will be nice to give back. We have gotten such great care from everyone at cardinal Glennon and it makes our situation so much easier. I used to worry that we wouldn't meet nice drs. That some of them might be sort of cocky or push their own opinions as dr grant did but all of the drs and facilities have been so great. (what does dr grant know anyway).  Anyway I'm glad to be able to give back. Oh and in case you were wondering how fat the little man has gotten...he was 15 lbs 1 oz!!!  He was 12 lb 10 oz when he left the hospital 5 weeks ago after his surgery. The boy is doing so much better. So well incactwe don't see cardiology for 3 MONTHS!!  We will have saturations checked monthly with his pediatrician but not seeing a dr weekly is both exciting and scary. I know dr rahimi really cares about Greyson and wouldn't do anything he disnt feel totally safe with so we are happy about that.  

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Busy Tomorrow...

So tomorrow is our day full of Dr's appointments for both kids.  Addison has a urology appointment at 11, lunch at the lovely Glennon Cafe, which means mommy and daddy are getting the fruit and yogurt parfaits that we so love ;)  Greyson has his nursery follow up at 1 and cardiology at 2.  I am hopeful that the nursery follow up doesn't take too long but it sounds like a Dr will check him over and a PT and maybe OT.  Not really sure why when he sees a PT monthly already and I know my boy isn't behind.  He has already rolled from his belly to his back and is SO close to rolling from back to tummy.  I guess it would probably help if he actually liked to be on the floor.  He wants to sit up so bad and isn't far from it.  He laughs and smiles all the time.  His sister didn't do much until she was 8 or 9 months and then she did everything.  She sat up, crawled and pulled her self up on things within a week or two.  He will get there I have no doubts.  The poor boy has been through a lot in his short 6 months... Yes that is right I said 6 months.  Tomorrow Mr. Greyson is 6 months old.  My how time has flown and how we have had so much happen in such a short time. 

I found my feet!

My first movie!

Addison's First movie!!!

Shopping... Again?!?

Shopping Saturdays!

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