Thursday, October 24, 2013

Post cath...ready to go!

Got our echo and xray done. Waiting for dr J to look at them and then were headed home!  Greyson is doing awesome this morning. He wasn't really happy to have his IV taken out or the huge bandage on his groin but he didn't do too awful.
He also stole my yogurt this morning but I'll take it. He has been eating like crazy! 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Reunited and it feels so goos

Got to see our little man. He was just laying in his recovery bed calm as could be. Getting ready to move to the floor soon. I'm both sad and happy at how he has handled things. This morning it made me sad that he was so upset after he took the versed and so upset when we had to part. He has been such a big boy after the procedure which is not normal for him. The last few times I've come back to a crying for me and not happy at all. This was very different. 
Look at those numbers!!!!  He's never seen sats that high in his life!  Look out everyone. Crazy greysons comin through.

Cath update #2

They did find a small collateral that they were able to coil off.  They checked a plug in his fenestration and were able to close that as well.  With the temporary plug in he was at 97% which as per the norm is about 10 percentages higher than when we got here.  I am sure we will have one crazy little man tomorrow.  I guess we will see if the world is ready for 100% Greyson!  We should be able to go back and see him soon.  Just waiting for the call.  They have to put pressure on there for 20 minutes to start the healing of his groin.  I will update again later on.


Cath update #1 - 1 pm

Just got an update from Beth.  Greyson's crying was short lived and he is now under and Dr. J is in on both sides of his groin.  They are getting ready to start taking pictures and checking pressures.  They will close any collaterals that might have popped up and the ultimate goal is to close the fenestration.  I should hear another update in an hour.

Cath day

Greyson is now nearly 7 months  post fontan. He has been getting winded more than after the Fontan and his color is somewhat blue. His sats are running in the mid 80's. Yesterday we walked up a flight of stairs to my moms office and he was breathing pretty heavily when we got up there.
So we are headed up to stl to have a cath done and either close the fenestration they left open during his last surgery or he had some small collaterals before surgery that were just too small to coil and they may have grown and need attention now. Either way we are hoping to get the issue handled today.
The small issue we have is a little runny nose and some coughing. Hopefully they will still do it. I spoke with beth and she said if its not green (infection) then he should be fine.  Of course there is still the chance he might be sent home. Fingers crossed we get to stay and get this taken care of.  Ill keep updating throughout the day.