Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We gone!

Greyson had a chest x-ray this morning which looked good. We saw all of his doctors and they all agreed he is ready to go home!  He is going home on his regular aspirin, lasix which he will be on for about a month or less. He will also be on enalopril for life.

I can't believe it has only been 7 days and we are going home. Little man is a rockstar!  He's my hero. He is so tough. Just a week ago today Dr Fiore had his hands inside Greysons chest and today we are driving home.

We go back in a week for a check up with his surgeon and then in a month for a cardiology check up. Eventually he will likely have to have a cath (within a year) to close his fenestration but for now we are done!  We will always have to see cardiology but 3 years ago when all of this started this was the surgery we had to get through. From here on out it is mainly just regular appointments and possibly minimally invasive procedures. I am so glad to be going home so we can just recover and catch up on some sleep.

Ill keep updating the blog as we do appointments and heal. Hopefully from the computer and not my phone.  I know these updates have been full of typos but my phone was all I was able to get to.

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