Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 6 post op

Greyson had an excellent day yesterday. They had been weaning his oxygen ovet night but he had been sleeping and it came out of his nose so he wasn't on much and it wasn't going directly into his nose. So there wasn't much point in it.

I had to take Addison down to her urology appointment at 10:15. Her reflux is healing enough that she no longer has to take medicine which is good considering she hasn't had it all week. With everything going on it had been forgotten but turned out to be a good thing. She also should not have to have the painful VCUG test any more!  Excellent news.

When we got back from her appointment cardiology was headed into greysons room. They decided he could come off the oxygen and the NG and central lines could be removed. Yeah!  We took the central line out and of course the tape was the worst part. He was such a good boy and just laid there asking for mommy. He was so happy to have that NG and oxygen out next. He has done fine without it.

The plan is to go home tomorrow. And we are all ready for that.

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